A Fox Tail Tale – Animal Crackers (Session Three)

Animal Crackers continues today with the strange, wacky story of foxes who set an entire countryside on fire. As weird as that sounds, they had help and of course that is a part of the story as well.

Today we explore a series of events from the life of Samson and learn some real lessons that we need to remember. Get ready, here is another wild animal tale from the Bible.

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Trading a Piece of Your Mind for Peace of Mind – Endless Summer (Session Two)

The Dog Days of Summer continue and we are tacking some of those nagging, never relenting questions and fears that often come creeping into our lives over and over again. This morning we are thinking about peace. It seems as if we live in what has been called the “Age of Anxiety” -Being upset, frustrated and anxious is way of life for many in this “age”. So is it possible to have peace of mind in a world that wants to take it away? Together we find out how to change the way we think and discover peace.

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The Rebel Prince Charming – The Unknowns: Absalom (Week 4)

This week we continue The Unknowns with a Bible Study entitled. . . The Rebel Prince Charming.The son of a king, who had the world at his fingertips. It is very easy to read the story of Absalom and get drawn into the tragic events that surrounded his life. If we are not careful we miss what is really happening and the lessons that we need to learn. We won’t miss them this week.

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