The Cover Up – Tabloid (Session Two)

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We are in a series where we are looking into the page of Scripture and discovering stories that have the ingredients of the kind of stuff you might find in a tabloid. As we dig into these stories we are discovering some life lessons that impact us in our lives today. This study looks at a cover-up. When something happens, it can be any event, those who are involved will retell the story. If there is some reason not to tell the entire story or edit it in some way, the story gets changed. Before long, a cover-up is taking place and people become convinced that it never happened at all. What does it take for the truth to become a lie? What would it take for that lie to be seen as truth once again. In this celebration worship experience we enter the world of a cover-up and find out, that whether we like it or not, we are involved in the story.

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