The Phantom of MADness – Creature Feature (Session Three)

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This week we discover a new creature that lurks within the heart of each of us. It hides in the shadows and then suddenly emerges to unleash its fury at anyone and anything close to it. Like a Phantom of MADness, Anger is a universal human experience. It is an intense emotional reaction that may express itself through frustration, irritability, annoyance, impatience, blowing of steam, shouting, intimidating, insensitivity, fretting, quitting, back-biting, and depression. Left unchecked, this creature will rob you of the joy of living, destroy your world and the lives of others.

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Main Points

  1. Anger Minus the Madness (v.26)
  2. Anger Minus the Mask (v.26)

Exit Ramp

  1. The Phantom Arrives if Anger Lingers (v.26-27)

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