The Walking Dead



Walking and Dead are not usually two words that are associated together. However, we live in a world where many people move through life living a “zombie-like” existence. Going through the motions of life with no joy, no passion, and no purpose they aren’t living the life they were created to live…and in so many ways…are not living at all. Today, on this Resurrection Day celebration we discover that we don’t have to wander through life like a zombie…which is not really living at all….but instead, discover that we can survive and thrive in the “zombie culture” that surrounds us. It is an Easter celebration that can change your life!

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Entrance Ramp

  1. The Zombie Culture


Main Points

  1. The Walking Dead Find Love (v.3-7 & 33-36)
  2. The Walking Dead Find Freedom (v.38-44)