What I Learned When I Unlearned – Chasing Change (Saga Six)

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We are continuing to read the epic saga recorded in 2 Samuel 23 and discovering how it helps us to become a people who chase change. Last week we talked about being Scared to Life and how we face fears. Pastor Jeff said something last week about how we can unlearn our fears. Over the course of the week he got a number of notes and questions wanting to explore that concept deeper, so he is going to share some additional thoughts on the idea that he didn’t include last week. This new, additional, bonus study in the series is entitled – What I Learned when I Unlearned. Today we discover how essential it is to face and unlearn the fears that can rob us from becoming who we were created to be.

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Main Points

  1. Unlearning Fear is Possible (v. 20-21)
  2. Unlearning Fear is Practical (v. 21)
  3. Unlearning Fear is Pivotal (v. 22)

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