Wondrous Hope – Wonder Women (Session One)

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Series – You may have read their stories of courage, vision, and giftedness. It is no wonder that women are so important to understand the plan of God in the Bible. But make no mistake, these women are not “extras” in God’s cast – instead they are at the very heart of His work in the world. This series features a very special glimpse at a group of wonder women. Their lives remind us, inspire us, and instruct us how to live heroic lives and awaken the hero in each of us.

Study – This is a series where we discover some ways to live a heroic life. In our study we are finding some Wonder Women who each offer us some powerful examples of how God works and how we can become the best versions of ourselves. In this study, we explore three verses of Scripture and meet a woman who reminds us of the necessity of the power of hope. Heroes always bring hope, and in the life of Anna, we find this modeled in an amazing way. Get ready to discover a Wondrous Hope.

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Main Points

  1. Happy Words (v. 36)
  2. Happy Strength (v. 36)
  3. Happy Connection (v. 37)
  4. Happy Future (v. 38)

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